Maybe this concept has already been written about by well known authors and writers, but it has been an insightful revelation to me, and I want to write about it.

As we read in Ecclesiastes, life is made up of seasons. And just like life has seasons, there is a season for each piece of the puzzle of each of our lives (Ecclesiastes 3: 1–8). Just because one piece of the puzzle is not ‘in season,’ does not mean it won’t have its time or isn’t important.

If the puzzle of life is missing a piece (or more than one…

This year, 2020, has brought the world, the country, the nation and each one of us…a lot. Some good, some bad.

If you’re like me, you notice how it might feel like most of what this year has brought is bad because of what’s always all over the news and social media. Neither of which I give a lot of attention to, for this reason.

Some might think to themselves, after all this year has brought so far,

What’s next?

What new catastrophe will happen? What issue will resurface next? What else will I have to add to my bag…

Have you ever thought about the difference between hearing and listening? One is passive, one is active. One is voluntary, one is involuntary.

I’ll use myself as a reference point. I’m hearing things all the time. People talking, birds chirping, cars passing by, planes up in the sky, and much more, all the time. It’s rare to hear nothing.

Listening is different. Listening is intentional, selective and proactive. I can hear so many things at once, but I can really only listen to one thing at a time.

Jimi Hendrix said, “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”

It’s a beautiful concept…

The topic I had planned for this month has changed multiple times now because of so much chaos and conflict going on in the world right now. The world seems to be in shambles with the chaos of the coronavirus, and now…racism.

But in my opinion, it has gone beyond racism. This is not just a flaw in racial equality anymore. This has become a flaw in leadership. In the government and the law enforcement in employs.

Any decent human knows there’s no justifying the brutality and inhuman action taken against George Floyd, along with the violence that has followed…

A few weeks ago, I dreamt I saw God. But when it started, He wasn’t there, and I was aimlessly stumbling around in darkness. I tried to use my phone’s flashlight to light my way, but it kept turning off and I had no idea where I was or where I was supposed to be going. All I could do was feel my way around. As well as it being visibly dark, it felt…spiritually dark.

I was desperately praying when suddenly a man with a smooth, deep voice startled me from behind. He said, gently-but-assertively, “Stop trying. Take my hand.”…

Over the past few weeks, the whole world has blown up about the coronavirus. Colorado has been severely impacted by it, more so than any other state in the country. Places like hospitals and nursing homes are basically hotspots for the virus.

That includes me. I work at a nursing home.

It’s a blessing because while most everyone around me has lost their job, I still have one, and if anything, am now in even higher demand than before all this.

Things are crazy at work, but I have really tried to bring a spirit of peace, hope and joy…

Does that sound redundant? You might think, I’m always myself, so how could it make sense to say ‘becoming myself’?

In the world of personal development, it is what it says: personal development. Life includes change. Time is change. It’s a process. It’s virtually impossible for things or people not to change over time, and there’s really only two ways to respond to change — either for better or for worse.

Becoming myself means I am always changing and striving to make that change for the better, always becoming myself — always becoming the person God created me to become…

Sometimes truth heals.

Sometimes truth hurts.

Sometimes truth is denied because it isn’t what we want to accept as truth, when in reality, it is.

God is all-powerful, all-knowing and knows each of us better than we know ourselves. He knows our true identity as His children destined for an eternal life with Him, and at the same time, He knows our fallen nature and the things that keep us grounded as humans in this fallen world.

There are two sides to this coin — two extremes. One is to sink into our fallenness, our handicaps, our diseases and our…

With a new year and a new decade beginning, there is a world of possibilities. A chance to start new, to make a difference, to begin again.

A New Years tradition in my family is filling out our “Hopes, Dreams and Goals” sheets for the new year. For a few years, I’ve had one word for the year, and I’ll write it at the top of my sheet, and all my “hopes, dreams and goals” are centered on the concept of the word I chose.

Similar to past years, I didn’t come up with my word for the year as…

As this year (and in fact, this decade) comes to a close, things are changing. With the end of a year approaching, we tend to reflect on the past year, maybe regret some things, are grateful for some things, and then we look forward to the new year with new hopes, dreams and goals.

In light of the season coming to a close, I am in a huge transition. Over the past month or so, I have struggled with guilt and shame (total hypocrisy relative to my last post) because of my job circumstances. It’s been a hard transition of…

Caleb Miller

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